Saturday, March 16, 2013

Christmas Angel

This beautiful fairy is a 10" figure sculpted from puppen fimo over a strong wire armature. I made her some artist made green eyes with mohair eyelashes. She stands with the brass rod and tube method on her base made especially for her. Relief work of leaves and vines with embedded salt water pearls decorate the base and all were covered with a multi-colored silver and gold leaf.
The entire piece is 11" tall and the base is 5" X7".

I dressed her in fabric I have been hording for just the right figure and it consists of silk velvet that is a deep red with gold overtones along with a gold fabric and ruffled gauze fabric..Her shoes are made from silk ribbon with glove leather soles. Her wings which can be removed for shipping are silk fabric over wire which I painted with water colors and added a few feathers.